Welcome to San Antonio’s digital voice resource for local ham radio operators. Digital is still relatively new to ham and many folks are still still learning it. Do you currently live here? Are you planning a trip, visiting from out of town? The goal of this website is to be the resource you turn to when you need information on anything digital voice in ham radio around the San Antonio area.


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Different Digital Modes


Yaesu Fusion


DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)

Apco Project 25

NXDN (Kenwood calls it NexEdge, Icom calls it IDAS but they are the same technology)

Comparison Chart

ModeAnalogD-StarDMRYaesu System Fusion
NetworksIRLP, ECO-LINK, All-StarREF, XLX, DCScBridge, Brandmeister, DMR-MARC, Many others...Wires-X, YSF, FCS
Server NomenclatureReflectorReflectorTalk GroupRoom, Reflector
Network interactionDTMF"UR" FieldContact or channel selectionDx Button, DTMF
Signal ValidationTONE, Tone-SquelchRPT 1 (only for repeaters)Color CodeN/A
ModulationFMGMSK 4-state FSK with TDMAC4FM


Why Digital radio?

It’s a natural progression of Radio. Consider it evolution of RF rather than change. Way back in the day, AM was the defacto modulation type. AM was noisy, but it got the job done. In 1933 the FM modulation type was invented and introduced into Radio. FM solved the noisy issues that was prominent in AM. For decades FM ruled the radio world and still does in many cases, but digital is here to overtake the modulation throne. Since digital is basically a transmission of data rather than raw voice, it can transmit more in a payload when a radio PTT is pressed. Things like user Identifiers, GPS positions, Short Messages, and TDMA are just some of the benefits. Here is a great article on analog vs digital.

Here is what the different digital modes sound like. (from http://www.w2sjw.com/radio_sounds.html)


Icom D-Star

Yaesu Fusion

DMR Repeater