San Antonio D-Star Reflector XRF410

XRF image


San Antonio has a dedicated XLX Reflector for hams to use in the area. The idea of the reflector is to have a single place for all local repeaters to connect to or for remote users to connect inbound. In the future we will have transcoding capability, meaning DMR users will be able to talk to D-Star users, or D-Star users will be able to talk to Fusion users. For now though, the reflector is vanilla and is just serving as a meeting place for devices and end users. To find out more about XLX/XRF reflectors, click HERE.

Also note, there is no need to register your callsign like you would to access REF reflectors. XREF connections work without checking a trust server, so no need to wait for any kind of registration to use these reflectors.

How to connect to the reflector on your D-Star Radio.

The reflector has 4 independent modules to use, A-D. To link, use the UR field with the following:

  • XRF410AL
  • XRF410BL
  • XRF410CL
  • XRF410DL

The reflector has a realtime web dashboard to see other nodes and users connected and to what module they are connected to. or (they both go to the same webserver)